Getting a new app to be discovered amongst five million apps on the App Store and Google Play Store is a challenge. GoGoChart is the expert for ASO in Hong Kong and we could solve all difficulties of your app.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization is a strategy to increase app visibility and optimize the app rank boosting on app stores. The app ranking on Apple App Store and Google Play Store are based on various factors such as applying the optimal keywords successfully, attractive images and localized descriptions. The app ranks higher and generates more installs due to that impression and visibility on app stores.

ASO in HK is usually compared to SEO, but the difference is the former only applicable to the search function and ranking algorithm on the app stores. That being said, there are several tactics in which SEO and it overlaps, which may be helpful when you first seek to improve the App Store ranking.

App store optimization is actually a closed site search engine. Just like SEO, it relies on correct indexing, discoverable content, and the understanding of the algorithm about app store ranking. If you can successfully deliver the functions and features of your app, both to the app stores and potential users, you can maximize the app visibility and increase the number of installs.

How does ASO work?

Algorithms are used to determine the ranking of an app in search results in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The algorithms calculate the ranking by considering various user engagement and feedback factors, including the number of page views, downloads, uninstalls, ratings, and reviews. The ranks applications in search results based on their relevance to the keywords user searches. Meanwhile, these algorithms also use metadata as a proxy for correlation, it will analyze the keywords in title, description, and keyword fields and calculate relevance with the app.

GoGoChart is an expert App Store Optimization agency to improve search visibility, conversion rate and organic installs of your app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. By increasing the discoverability of your app in app stores, you are driving traffic to your app page and encouraging users to download the app.

How important is ASO in HK?

App Store Optimization services is one of the solutions to increase app ranking and visibility of your app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It helps you connect with a relevant audience and promote the unique selling points. Successful optimisation can considerably boost installs, making it valuable to app marketers. Furthermore, these are organic installs, which often prove to be an app’s most valuable users.

According to Apple, 70% of the App Store customers will use search to discover apps and 65% of the downloads have come directly from a search on the App Stores. The most important is that app store optimisation is a set of technologies that helps you take advantage of how Apple and Google’s search algorithms work to ensure that your app is displayed in the most relevant locations, providing more visibility and more downloads.

App Store Optimization Services


Increase app visibility on app stores


Increase app ratings to gain a positive image


Increase app ranking to the top of the overall chart

What are the main ways you can improve ASO?

Improve the app ranking:

  • App title: using generic keywords
  • App description: including keywords and localization
  • App categories: using the right and suitable primary and secondary sub-categories
  • Screenshots: should use attractive images with descriptive caption

Let’s take localization as an example to explain how to benefit from app store optimization. Considering the localization of the app for various users, especially the language and currency, it will increase the possibility of conversion. Localizing the app store listing improves the app performance immediately, it helps to increase the impression of your app and further increases the number of installs.

Over time, the user behaviour and your app will inevitably change, and your app optimisation should follow suit. There is no coincidence that the top-ranked apps on app stores regularly maintain and update the app. They aim to respond to the user feedback and ensure that new features are included in the next version.

Another way to learn how to improve your rankings is to study the practices of the highest-ranked apps in categories related to you. By observing your competitors, you can optimize the content and lead the competition.

GoGoChart and ASO

GoGoChart offers an app optimization audit free of charge, the audit shows your app’s rankings, average ratings and reviews. You can also see your app’s competition analysis, which helps you to implement improvements for your apps based on market data.

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