We are the first agency to get the certificate from Apple Search Ads in Hong Kong. Display your app at the top of the search results page highlighted in blue on the App Store for iPhones and iPads and it is the most frictionless way to discover and install an App.

What are Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads is a user acquisition channel for apple search ads agency to reach relevant audiences for the app. With Apple Search Ads, marketers can significantly improve their visibility in the App Store. The highest bidder gets their ad placed on the results page for a specific keyword – highlighted in blue at the very top of the page. Appearing first on relevant App Store pages is a valuable branding tool, putting your app ahead of your competitors even if they have effective App optimisation. However, this exposure is only as powerful as the strategy behind it: ASA still requires marketers to bid on relevant keywords in order for their ads to successfully convert users.

There are two solutions available to an apple search ads agency: Basic and Advanced, which Basic is a simpler way to output an App Store ad with a cost-per-install (CPI) model and Advanced is more elaborate with a cost-per-tap (CPT) model. With ASA Advanced Providing more considerable options to review the strategy and optimise the campaign.

How Do Apple Search Ads Work in Hong Kong?

Apple’s algorithms determine the app appearance on the App Store. There are two factors that affect app appearance in Apple Search Ads: bid amount and app relevance to keywords you bid for in order to reach the highest possible impressions, taps, and installs in App Store Ads.

According to Apple, with 65% of all app downloads coming after a search on the App Store. Through Apple Search Ads, you can reach the audience with strong download intent by strategically bidding the relevant keywords of the app. The platform operates on an auction pricing model where you are charged only when a user taps through to your App Store page.

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Why Do You Need Apple Search Ads?

Out of all acquisition channels, App Store searches have been contributing as the major source of all app installs. It is very valuable to first appear on the relevant App Store search result, even if your competitors have a strong and effective app optimisation, ASA can also lead competitors and drive installs by a successful strategy. There is no better place to be seen than on top of an App Store search.

By presenting your app to the right audience who are proactively looking to discover new apps in the App Store, right at the moment when they are searching for your kind of apps, this makes the most frictionless way to discover and download an app.

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