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Carbee Kwok

應用程式營銷活動的常見問題 Q&A 

適逢工作日,GoGoChart 就會收到來自各行各業對應用程式推廣的諮詢,這些應用程式類型包括,如消費品牌、電商、交易平台、數碼或虛擬銀行、遊戲⋯⋯

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Linky Chan

Case Study – AXA

In 2019 AXA launched their app Emma by AXA, a health and lifestyle chatbot app. While the app was praised for its innovativeness and forward-thinking

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應用商店優化 (ASO)
Liam Lo

How to Prepare for IDFA?

As mentioned in our prior blog, the announcement of the elimination of IDFA being default for iOS 14 evoked a response of panic from the

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