Taipei Game Show 2017

It was great to be back at the Taipei Game Show which took place from 19th — 24th January 2017.

It’s one of our favourite game shows of the year as we have a strong client base and following in the Taiwanese market.

Three of us attended the show — Carlos LauRain Cheng, and myself (Daniel Lo).


Our schedule was jam packed with meetings with many mobile app gaming publishers. It was awesome to lots of old faces from last year and meeting plenty of exciting new companies, too!

It’s a testament to our strong product offerings, that not only did we generate lots of leads of mobile apps which need our help, but we all closed several deals on the spot, too!

Not many companies can do that, especially in the competitive Taiwanese industry.

Building strategic partnerships is the key to growing any business — especially in a B2B company like GoGoChart.

We met several potential partners from around the world, and spent quality time, educating them on how we can help their clients acquire more users through the app stores at low effective CPIs.

In the Taiwanese market especially, we have several competitors, so most of the gaming publishers we spoke to knew about type of services we offer.

However, as our company emphasis is to ensure that not only do we have the best tech team and provide a safe and reliable service.

But we also offer the best customer support, which enables us to keep acquiring more and more clients from our competitors and receive new referrals from existing clients every day.

The show overall was a great spectacle with both B2B and B2C sections. The Taiwanese LOVE their gaming as you can see by the packed crowds surrounding the booths. An incredible total of 430,000 people visited the show over the few days!

Virtual Reality games are booming right now, as I’m sure you’re well aware, and we didn’t see any signs of this trend slowing down.

We noticed more and more VR games coming out, drawing rave reviews from lots of the industry experts.

Sony, as always, had a huge presence and drew lots of attention from the eager crowds.

Especially for their new games “Horizon Zero Dawn,” “NIOH” and “Gran Turismo Sport,”.

Unfortunately, though, I was too busy in meetings to test out the games, but looking on from the outside, the visuals were extremely impressive!

As well as the big publishers, there were lots of indie developers too — all looking to showcase their games and grab the world’s attention.

There was a big asian presence, as expected with many from Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. But there were also several from the U.S and Europe, too.

Again showing that not only is TGS one of the best shows in Asia, but of the world, as well.

After talking with both mobile user acquisition managers and the CEO’s of major gaming publishers, our team realised the importance of providing CUSTOM built packages.

Many people kept telling me again and again, that they’re getting fed up of being sold ‘one size fits all’ service, which weren’t specifically tailored to them.

This is one of our main strengths. As we believe in always taking the time to understand our client’s SPECIFIC needs BEFORE we ever recommend a solution.

This explains why our ‘Keyword Search’ services are really popular at the moment, as each campaign is individually tailors to allow you to acquire high-quality users who are actively searching for an app, just like yours.

Instead of the alternative and using push advertising, and pushing your advert onto a prospect who most likely won’t ever spend any money!

Each year, the app industry is getting more and more competitive. So, the only way to beat your competition is to experiment and test new and alternative methods to acquire users.