Predicting Mobile and In-App Advertising Trends

In the last decade, mobile and in-app advertising have seen immense growth as the world shifts from desktop to mobile. In our increasingly digitized world, it is no surprise that people want fast results: they look for the most efficient way to do something. One of these ways is an app. Today, the average mobile user will spend more time on apps than on web browsers. As more businesses ride the digital revolution, there is no doubt that mobile app marketing will continue to rise in importance.

But where is this revolution headed? Mobile marketers from top digital advertising firms see similar trends:

1. A need for increased transparency. The more the ecosystem grows, the more damaging it is for firms to discount transparency. Irina Razvodoca from PropellerAds believes that increased transparency will help businesses generate more sales, especially at a time when the Internet has become notorious for fake news.

2. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. 2017 was the year for AI and machine learning, and experts believe that this trend will continue as more businesses adopt these technologies in order to optimize their services. Clement Cao from Mobvista warns, however, that the increasing popularity of AI also comes with a few dangers. One potential risk is that businesses may speciously market their product as AI in order to exploit the growing hype.

“Smart companies will be the ones that get the balance right” — Clement Cao, CFO of Mobvista

3. E-commerce and cryptocurrency as leading verticals. With the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies in the last year or two, it is highly likely that cryptocurrency affiliate vertical will continue to rise. E-commerce has also seen a boom. According to Sara Spivey from Bazaarvoice, shopping is now increasingly done on mobile. In fact, the 2018 Cyber Monday saw 45% of purchases made through mobile devices.

4. Importance of localization. As technology brings the world closer together, developers and marketers must take advantage of access to global markets. One way to do this is through localization. Mikhal Prytktov from Appness believes that quality localization of ads is the key to an app’s performance in the world market. Use of local currency, properly translated descriptions, redesigned icons, attention to linguistic nuances are all factors that comprise cultural fit.


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