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How Has the Pandemic Reshaped Marketing?

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world and it’s still unclear when it’ll all be over. The pandemic has changed our behaviours and lifestyles, even forcing many businesses to shut down, and making most people stay inside their homes. This increase internet usage by 70%. And mobile app usage increased by 40% according to App Annie, with consumer spending on apps reaching 27 billion USD. All of these factors show us that the digital world is more important than ever. 

Many businesses need digital marketing to get to their audience by using current and engaging ways. This means promoting a service or product on a blog, email, social media or other internet related platforms. This helps to ease the effects of a significant drop of 90% in-person visits COVID-19 has caused. Digital Marketing has allowed many companies to stay relevant and stay in business.

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Inbound Leads

Whenever you promote your business online, you are attracting prospects. This means that every time you put content online it’s an opportunity for potential clients to take action and reach out to you about your services or products. Instead of hard-selling them your products, they are entering the sales funnel on their own. By doing so, you can reduce expenses, gain more recognition and credibility in your field. Also, the leads and traffic you gain through digital marketing tend to be higher quality. And with a situation of restricted mobility, having good quality engagements will result in better turnouts.

Reach More Prospects.

The reach the internet has is far greater than any billboard on a highway. With 4.57 billion people, digital marketing can help your business reach up to 59% of the world’s population. Paid advertisements on social media and websites can potentially get you clients from around the world, it’s a chance for your business to get exposure even when you’re far from that location. With the increasing amount of people using the internet due to the pandemic, launching digital marketing campaigns can maximize the outreach of targeted audiences. It’s an effective way to build a reputation and gain more potential prospects.

Data Analysis

Evaluating the effectiveness of a traditional marketing campaign is almost impossible because the results cannot be traced. However, one of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is analysing data. It provides important information about your audience. For example, the data can reveal the location, age, or gender of the prospects. And not only that, it can show traffic and impressions, allowing you to see how effective the campaign actually was. From there, you can take those insights to optimize your contents and campaigns, maximising the outreach even when you’re working from home.

The future is here. As we spend more time on our screens, digital marketing will only continue to gain importance. If you’re unsure how to kickstart digital marketing for your company, GoGoChart offers a free initial audit. Consult an expert from GoGoChart now.

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