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Turning adversity into opportunity The internet usage is the highest it’s ever been and it has surged by between 50% and 70%. At the same time, SEO becomes more important to increase the website visible to a higher number and there is a ton of opportunity to employ the right digital marketing strategy. As we […]

GoGoChart’s first time entering Mob-Ex awards 2019 and won 1 Gold & 1 Silver!

This is the first time GoGoChart is participating in Mob-Ex awards ceremony and we are honoured to receive 2 awards, Best Mobile Team, and Best Location-based Marketing! The Mob-Ex award is an award ceremony for companies from the mobile marketing industry to be rewarded for their brilliance in this fast-growing sector. Entries such as client marketers, media owners, […]

Apple is expanding in 46 more countries for Apple Search Ads service

GoGoChart is in excitement for the expansion of Apple Search Ads GEOs! We have been providing Apple Search Ads services to our clients with the existing 13 countries and in addition to 46 more countries, it will surely benefit app developers in all categories to expand their target audiences. One of the main features of […]

Chinajoy 2018

On the 3rd of August, the GoGoChart (GGC) team embarked on a trip to Shanghai, where we participated in Chinajoy 2018, a digital entertainment expo and conference. After 3 years of participating in the conference, this year saw our team perform better than ever before. At Chinajoy, we saw thousands of visitors and exhibitors come […]