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Your Hidden SEO Weapon: Backlinks

Backlinks are the primary component within Google’s algorithm for determining a site’s page rank. When Google sees authoritative, credible sites linking back to your own site, they will deem your site as authoritative and improve your page ranking. This regularly overlooked tool is often avoided due to the extra perceived effort it takes to implement. […]

ASO Localization Guidelines for the iOS app Store in Mainland China

by Ollie Leung “Leading users to an app is one thing, convincing them to download the app is another.” With the launch of Apple Search Ads (renamed as Apple Ads) in China, countless app developers and brands are clamouring to utilize this newest mobile marketing tool to get a slice of the Apple App Store […]

SEO Content: 5 Quick & Easy to Improve Ranking

SEO Content: 5 Quick & Easy to Improve Ranking One of the biggest challenges for copywriting is optimizing your writing for search engine optimization (SEO). If you want to get your content to reach more audiences, SEO can definitely help. Here are some suggestions to maximise impressions in a quick and effective way. 1. Find […]

Case Study – AXA

GoGoChart Case Study: Emma by AXA In 2019 AXA launched their app Emma by AXA, a health and lifestyle chatbot app. While the app was praised for its innovativeness and forward-thinking approach, it garnered some negative critics from users who emphasised the various bugs and technical issues prevalent in the app. In 2020, a revamped […]