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The importance of app marketing research is we need to understand your competitors’ products and figure out how your app stands out and differentiate from them. GoGoChart helps you to analyze the app performance, app power and keywords ranking between your app and competitors. Research at how the competitor’s optimize the App Store Page, their performance in organic keyword ranking and overall ranking in App Store & Google Play to compare with the performance and determine how the algorithms work then help your app perform better. 

Apart from the competition, the whole app market is always changing. App Store and Google Play will update their algorithms in weeks or months, and it is very important to understand the market trend when you update and market your app. 

Case Study - Uber Tailor-made Marketing Solutions


  • Uber is based in the US and launched the app in 2009.
  • Uber & Uber Eats app was launched in Hong Kong in 2014.


  • Hong Kong has more than 18,000 taxis.
  • Other existing car app hailing services.
  • Educate the market on new ways to car rides.


  • Maximize the awareness of Uber in Hong Kong.
  • Drive installs on the App Store and Google Play.

Tailor-made solutions

  • Leverage the capacities of Hong Kong marketing channels
    and review the solutions in other GEOs.
  • Comprehensive App Store Optimization.


  • Installs increased by 439%.
  • Registered users increased by 130%.
  • Sub-category chart ranked TOP 1.

Tailor-made Marketing Solutions

App Store Optimization

To increase app ranking and visibility of your app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, which can increase your app conversion rate

Apple Search Ads

Advertise your app on iOS App Store to reach the users who have most higher download intention install your app when they search the specific keyword.

Google Ads

Advertise your website/app through Google networks to reach your target audience and leverages content and creatives to generate revenue from Google Ads.


Facebook advertising provides tons of detailed ways to reach ideal target audiences who are most likely interested in their content and will engage with their products and services, leading to a sale.


AI-optimization and machine learning ad-buying system to automatically display your ads and optimize digital campaigns to maximize the impression and users’ awareness.


We provide one-stop app development and marketing to increase your business with a unique competitive advantage.


Increasing the conversion rate can have a huge impact on your business, especially it helps cost-effective and advertising efficiency. GoGoChart provides conversion rate optimization service to increase your products’ quality and improve your advertising performance, helping you identify the target market and reach the right target audience to gain more quality users.

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