Case Study – AXA

GoGoChart Case Study: Emma by AXA

In 2019 AXA launched their app Emma by AXA, a health and lifestyle chatbot app. While the app was praised for its innovativeness and forward-thinking approach, it garnered some negative critics from users who emphasised the various bugs and technical issues prevalent in the app. In 2020, a revamped and improved Emma by AXA was relaunched for public consumption. However, AXA still faced several challenges that barred Emma from AXA realising its full potential. Firstly, the link of association between the app and AXA caused consumers to wrongly believe that the app was meant only for AXA customers. This led to a lack of installs due to unclear communications in the initial launch. Additionally, while the revamped Emma by AXA was exponentially better than the first version, the initial negative impression from consumers was still reflected on Emma by AXA’s app page, further contributing to a lack of installs.

AXA approached GoGoChart to address these challenges through utilising GoGoChart’s ASO and ASA services. Immediately GoGoChart developed an ASA and ASO strategy, drawing upon consumer behaviour data, app analytics, and competitor/industry research. With a strategy backed by both data and GoGoChart’s technologies, GoGoChart implemented both its ASO and ASA services to great success.

GoGoChart exceeded all goals and KPI’s set by AXA.

  • Install of the app increased by 250% (150% more than the KPI)
  • Rating of the app had improved from 3.3 to 4.0 on Google Play Store
  • Rating of the app had improved from 3.0 to 4.0 on iOS App Store

The significant increase in installations and app ratings reflected Emma by AXA’s improvement in credibility and popularity thanks to GoGoChart’s implemented digital strategies.

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