Apple is expanding in 46 more countries for Apple Search Ads service

GoGoChart is in excitement for the expansion of Apple Search Ads GEOs! We have been providing Apple Search Ads services to our clients with the existing 13 countries and in addition to 46 more countries, it will surely benefit app developers in all categories to expand their target audiences. One of the main features of this expansion is that Apple expanded GEOs in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, users within these countries are the main target audience for app developers in China.

Along with this expansion, another feature that benefits app developers would be that they can start targeting more than one country for their campaigns. This is helpful and also increased efficiency for app developers to target more users with fewer campaigns for better account management.

One of the main advantages of Apple Search Ads service is to create maximum exposure by being at the top of the keyword search, where there are millions of competitors competing for installs. GoGoChart helps clientele all over the world and Southeast Asia GEOs are in demand for Apple Search Ads service. This expansion is going to optimise the opportunities for more app developers within GEOs such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau to enhance their app exposure.

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