AOTY 2018 sees GoGoChart win a record number of awards!

1, 6, 11 — this is the uphill trend that we’re seeing at GoGoChart.

After winning bronze for the fastest growing agency at the 2016 AOTY, we’ve worked hard to prove that the title is well-deserved — and, our hard work has indeed paid off. In 2017, we went on to win 6 awards in categories such as B2B Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Direct Marketing. Since then, we’ve continued to grow even faster.

In fact, 2018 has been the best year yet. We maintained our positions for gold and silver in direct marketing and mobile marketing respectively, while also winning multiple awards in 6 additional categories. The result? A grand total of 11 awards!

  • Gold, Local Hero — Direct Marketing Agency
  • Silver, Local Hero — Mobile Marketing Agency
  • Silver, Local Hero — Specialist Agency
  • Local Hero — Best Agency Culture
  • Silver — Search Agency
  • Silver — CRM & Loyalty Agency
  • Local Hero — Programmatic Agency
  • Bronze — Independent Agency

Silver and Local Hero for Specialist Agency

In the last year, we’ve introduced new services, partnered with global clients, and produced better results. One notable achievement is our campaign for GOAL DX, both online and offline in Hong Kong. By using our innovative ad-tech platform, we have increased download rates and lifted the apps’ ranking to the Top of the App Store for 9 days, 30% longer than our targeted time frame. Furthermore, our work extends beyond Hong Kong. GoGoChart has helped popular IP: Pirates of the Caribbean, in the Australia and Germany App Store — and the results were just as successful. In just the span of 2 days, we managed to push the game from #375 to #4 in the top overall charts on iOS App Store.

Nevertheless, we are only at the beginning of our long journey in this growing industry — one that will see performance improve every year through continued innovation and creativity. The next milestone for GoGoChart is the release of an AI-based advertising technology platform that will generate exceptional user acquisition and self-improved targeting. Designed as a fully customized and localized management solution for the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, our platform has already produced promising results and is on its way to becoming a groundbreaker in the digital marketing industry.

At GoGoChart, we are committed to excellence. With the rapid expansion of the app market, digital marketing will take on unprecedented importance — and we are determined to continue being a key player in the field, facilitating businesses around the world to make their mark.

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