What Does the Release of iOS 15 Mean to Mobile App Advertisers?

Every time when Apple releases updates, it causes great deal of ripples and discussions across the advertising and marketing industry. Apple’s movements require ready adaptability from marketers to stay competitive in the game.    There has been enormous amount of conversations since June 2021 after Apple announced the plan of iOS 15 update at itsContinue reading “What Does the Release of iOS 15 Mean to Mobile App Advertisers?”

Your Hidden SEO Weapon: Backlinks

Backlinks are the primary component within Google’s algorithm for determining a site’s page rank. When Google sees authoritative, credible sites linking back to your own site, they will deem your site as authoritative and improve your page ranking. This regularly overlooked tool is often avoided due to the extra perceived effort it takes to implement.Continue reading “Your Hidden SEO Weapon: Backlinks”